Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things to do in Barcelona suggestions

Before I went to Barcelona at the end of the summer, I asked some other MISTI kids in Barcelona what I should do there. When I asked them what to do, I asked about "off-the-beaten path" things to do; I figured I'd find the touristy stuff anyway. Over the course of traveling and talking to people, I've added to this list.

  • Castelldefels - take the R2 from Barcelona (free with Eurail that's valid in Spain! Otherwise, a few Euros). If you're a naturey type, it's much nicer than Barcelona. Has a nice beach that is much nicer than the one in Barcelona (the commuter rail stops right at the beach if you take the right train) and is very clean and quiet at night. Parc de Garraf is a nice nature preserve that is nearby (and within walking distance). --- suggestion taken from Sam Markson
  • Jazz Si - a jazz club in Barcelona with a nice young crowd and some nice jazz
  • With one of the ferrocarriles (a type of metro you can use a normal metro pass on - major stop at Diagonal) you can get to Sarria, a town a little bit to the north of Barcelona. It is much more old-school Spain. There is a bar called Bar Tomas with the best patatas bravas in Spain --- suggestion taken from Tara Ebsworth
  • Borne - area by the metro stop Jaume 1 with tons of small restaurants and bars --- suggestion taken from Tara Ebsworth
  • Tibidabo - take a ferrocarril to Tibidabo then catch a bus to the Mirablau restaurant with a great view of the entire city and it's a great place to watch the sunset, since the sub sets behind the mountains at your back. --- suggestion taken from Tara Ebsworth
  • The Dow Jones, Espit Chupiteria (order the Monica Lewinsky - you'll see why) --- suggestion from Ann Alampi
  • Razzmattazz - huge club with lots of top 40 hits --- suggestion from Ann Alampi
  • Opium - super swanky club with a strict dress code that is supposed to be the best --- suggestion from Ann Alampi
  • Fab Lab Barcelona - - a hackerspace that is supposed to be cool
  • Carrefou is a hackerspace outside the city that has great recommendations
  • The Sagrada Familia church is currently still being built and definitely worth the visit. History in action.