Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tea party on Mt. Liberty

Alternatively known as the Liber-tea hike. Get it?

Maddie, James, Emilie and I decided to lead a trip up Mt. Liberty in the Whites last weekend for the second week of Winter School. We carried up sleds to sled down! We even managed to summit before our turnaround time.

And we had a proper tea party on the way up. Jeremy was amused. And apparently I'm bad at taking photos with my glove liners.

Too bad it was super foggy at the top. At least the tea party lived on.

Unfortunately, James bummed his knee, but we got to drag him out on the snowmobile part of the way on a sled, and a nice snowmobiler drove him the rest of the way to the cars.

The weather was super warm so we all got pretty wet sledding downhill, but we all had a great time! Woohoo winter school!