Thursday, June 14, 2012

watching soccer with the locals

So far Spain has played twice in the Euro Cup - once against Italy and once against Ireland. For the first game against Italy, Josh and I went to
on the Cava Baja (a street in the La Latina section of Madrid known for it's dive bars). We picked this place because it had:

  1. Space
  2. Relatively not-pricey tinto de verano
  3. Spanish soccer fans wearing jerseys
and it was an experience.  
Every time the Spaniards came close to a goal, the whole bar held it's breath. 
And when the teams were playing it just felt like I was part of a national effort. 
Spain tied Italy 1-1. 

Watching the game at home was a different experience. Stephany and Fabian were eating dinner, but Fabian was getting more drunk with each consecutive beer (you can buy 1.5 L of Mahou for 1 euro in the supermarket). 

Here, with every goal, the entire apartment building erupted in a cheer! Looking out the window and walking down the street you can hear cries of "Yaaaa España!!!!" and it feels magical, wonderful. Like you're part of the national soccer pride. 

Spain beat Ireland 4-0, and is now the leader of their Group in the Eurocup.

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