Saturday, August 10, 2013

Food games

When you buy food to share in bulk, there is always food left over.  We found our way to this albergue:

after the (infamous) town of Guernika-Lumo:

loaded with groceries for dinner and tired from a solid 3km uphill climb. One of those things happened to be canned marinated red peppers (wasn't my turn to buy groceries this time). How many red peppers do you think you can eat in one sitting? Even with the baguette, cheese, ham, and cookies, we couldn't get through more than two pieces each. But the bottle was glass and filled with liquid - it was in our best interest to get rid of it because carrying it would be too heavy. 

So naturally, we came up with a game. You pass the jar of peppers, and when it gets to you, you either need to tell a funny story or eat a pepper. Even when you can't eat any more peppers, it's hard to come up with a funny story to tell on the spot...

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