Sunday, August 4, 2013

The start of the Camino: day -2

I've been a bad blogger for the majority of this summer but that's because I have been busy with traveling and teaching and learning. I have blog drafts for all the adventures I've had and will slowly be filling them up as I have more time. 

Today is the day I left Robin in Amsterdam to continue traveling with his dad to finally go back to Spain and do the Camino de Santiago. 

The Camino de Santiago

The origins of the hike itself are rooted - like many traditions of the modern age - in religion. It was the pilgrimage of St. James (James = Iago in Spanish...) from his doorstep to the church in Santiago de Compostela, in northwestern Spain. 

While I am not doing this hike for religious reasons, it's always good to understand some context for everything you do. 

The start

I am flying to Barcelona tonight (arriving around midnight), and the plan is to drop off most of my luggage in long-term storage at the airport, then find Kayla in Barcelona and make our way to Irún on the border with Spain and France in the north. 

The plan

The plan is to hike about 25km every day until September 2nd, and hopefully end up in Santiago de Compostela. We'll see how this actually works, but that's the tentative plan for now. I will have intermittent internet at all the towns along the way and will keep contact with the internet as often as I can. 

Enjoy, buena suerte, and hello from Amsterdam!

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