Wednesday, July 18, 2012

a million ways to say "hotel"

Spanish is not a complicated language grammatically or pronunciation-wise. However, it does have some interesting tidbits with it's vocabulary. For instance, there are a few different ways to say "hotel" that all imply different levels of hotel-ness. 

hotelhotel as you could canonically think of it
price range: could be anything really... but usually not less than
40 euros a night
hostalbed and breakfast - usually a family-owned business
(think one-star hotel)
price range: on average 20 euros a night and you most likely
can get a private bathroom too
hostelhostel as you would think of it - it's actually the English word
price range: 20 euros a night but if you're lucky you can
get it cheaper for a bunk in a shared room with a shared bathroom
pensiónbed and breakfast that's of slightly lower quality than a hostal
price range: 25 euros a night usually, but is dirtier than a
hostal and might not have a private bathroom
youth hostel - there are lots of 16-year olds staying here
price range: depends on the location, and ranges from 10-25 
euros/night for a bunk in a shared room with a shared bathroom

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