Monday, July 16, 2012


Most say that between the three major cities in Andalucía, Córdoba is the least interesting but the most conveniently located close to Madrid on the AVE. To perpetuate this stereotype, Robin and I didn't find out for ourselves whether or not there was anything to see in Córdoba because we used it as a stop between Sevilla and Madrid. Our train got to Córdoba around noon and we caught a 4pm train back to Madrid. Everyone knows there is only one thing to see in Córdoba....

the Mezquita

As soon as you come inside you're instantly confused about whether this is a mosque or a cathedral. And with good reason! The original site of the Mezquita was a pagan temple way back in the day, then a Visigoth church, then a Moorish mosque, and then during the Reconquista again converted into a Christian temple. But because of it's long history of change and religion, the inside just makes you confused.

It's pretty, and filled with history. But at the moment it remains a Catholic church, and Muslims have regularly asked that they be allowed to pray inside. Their requests have been denied, despite the fact that the Mezquita has a rich Muslim history. 

the Longfellow Bridge is clearly in Córdoba!

Right next to the Mezquita on the river, there is a Roman bridge that according to my guidebook "was poorly restored back in 2009." Don't you think it looks a little bit like the Longfellow Bridge in Boston? At least the buttresses?

(Photo taken from the Flickr of Antonio Vidigal)


Abutting the Mezquita are a bunch of touristy places to eat, so we walked a few blocks away and found a 10-euro-menu-del-día place that had everything you could hope for: salmorejo, gazpacho, lamb chops, squid, desert, and tinto de verano. Robin's dish was so pretty I had to take a picture of it
Yes, those are whole squids. Yummmmm.


We got to the train station an hour and a half before our train, so we switched our train tickets for a train that was leaving in 15 minutes, getting back to Madrid an hour and a half earlier than we originally thought. Unfortunately, we perpetuated the myth that Córdoba is only worth a few hours for the Mezquita and a meal. If it wasn't so hot, maybe it would have been nice to stay here for the rest of the day to see a bit more of the city.

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