Wednesday, July 11, 2012

prostitution is not illegal!

What many people don't know about Spain is that prostitution is legal. Rather, it is not explicitly illegal. Much like the status of marijuana in the United States, prostitution is "decriminalized" in Spain (since 1995 in fact). This means that prostitutes cannot be arrested for, well, prostitution. The laws in Spain explicitly prohibit pimping, however. 

Therefore, you are yourself allowed to sell yourself for sex, but no one else is allowed to sell you for sex. 

As a result, there is one particular street in Madrid right off of the Puerta del Sol that contains a lot of prostitutes. 

View Calle de la Montera in a larger map

This street, called Calle de la Montera, features women of all nationalities, ethnicities, ages, sizes, and the like, just standing there. Walking home at night along this street reveals hundreds of women wearing 3-inch high heels wearing short skirts smoking cigarettes along the side of the pedestrian-only street, just standing there. It is very hard to catch a picture of them, but this blurry face-blacked-out-picture is an example.
One day a group of us were walking down the Calle de Montera and were wondering about the prices and situation in general related to the prostitutes. So Josh was a champ and asked his flat-mate what the deal was, so he knows all the great details about where to find the best prostitute. So if you ever need a good deal on a Spanish prostitute, talk to Josh.

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